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X-posted CLEX concept

hey, i dunno if any1 has ever played a game called 'pass the story' b4, but it gave me this idea.

well, 4 starters, i'll explain the rules 4 any1 who doesn't know:
Basically, u have a group of people who write a story by passing it round.
No set plotline or anything, each person just writes a sentence, and starts a 2nd, b4 passing it on2 the next person.
Technically, you're not meant to see more than that half a sentence that you're gonna finish (then u write a sentence and a 1/2) but I think that would be a bit 2 hard online.

Its kinda like a roundrobin, but with alot less thought put in! :-P

so, if any1 wants 2 join me in a fun, funny, PWP CLex version of this, please let me know.
If i get enough ppl, I'll just start it on my journal, and continue thru the comments.
Everyone must get at least 2 goes.

So, hope ppl wanna join me in my plotless, time-filling CLexy idea!
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