Slash Queen Extraordinaire! (ilovedoyle) wrote in sv_fen,
Slash Queen Extraordinaire!

Mindless Pimpin': clex_pass_story

Right, for those CLexers on my flist who may or may not know, I am the moderator of several communities (slashfic40, clexiconfics, clex_pass_story,), all of which have an element of CLex in them.

However, this post is to mindlessly pimp the first community I ever created: clex_pass_story
This community is kinda of a round-robin clexfic, but instead of being assigned a section, its just kind of a first come first serve sorta thing - just carry the story on as soon as you are inspired to do so!!
It's currently quite the epic at 36 chapters and still going strong, but the amount of writers actually contributing is dwindling.

And thus, the point of my post: new blood!
If you're intrested in becoming involved in the writing of this (rather dark) novel-length clexfic, please join us!

If you would like to read the fic thus far, please email me ( and I will send you it in a word document.

*begs for more members*

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