Casey (edgecity) wrote in sv_fen,

Fanfic Love

Go for it - tell us all about the Smallville fanfic you loved this summer (or any time in fandom). As much or as little detail as you want, title, pairing, author, plot, or maybe just talk about the genres of Smallville fanfic that you love.

Places to find Smallville fiction:

alien_desires - Alien Desires
chloe_lana - Chlana Fans
chloe_lex - Chlex
clana - Clana
clarksville - Clarksville
denialcorp - DenialCorp
gotclex - GotClex?
lexluthor_fic - Make Lex Happy or Get Lex Laid Challenge
lexicity - Lexicity
marthackent - Martha Clark Kent
mykryptonite - Smallville Slash
ssa_new_stories - Newest Stories at the Smallville Slash Archive
sv_fanfic - SV Updates
sv_hetfic - SV HetFic
sv_mpreg - SV Male Pregnancy
sv_slash - SV Slash Fanfic
svcodatales - SV Coda Tales
svdodecals - SV Dodecal Challenge
wednesday100 - Wednesday 100
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