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Season 4 so far - Love it or Leave it?

Season four of Smallville is half over, and on hiatus over the holidays. And how better to spend the break than discussing the first half of the fourth season?

Which episodes did you love? Which ones did you hate? Which ones made you say 'meh' or 'OMG I'm never watching this stupid show again' or 'OMG I can't wait until next Wednesday!!!'? Which characters have grown and which have fallen victim to plot devices? Is Lex evil yet? Will he ever be? Is Clark a hero yet? Will he ever be? What about all the out-of-towners joining the first half of this season? Write all about it here in response to this post!

Disclaimer: (I can't believe I actually have to write this, but what they hey...) The comments in this post will be spoilery for the episodes of Smallville that have aired up to and including the first half of the fourth season. Spoiler-phobes beware! Spoiler-whores, read away! Everyone else... um... do whatever! Yay!
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Canon slut that I am, even *I* have left canon entirely in my fic series now. Does that tell you anything? I miss Smallville, and wonder what this crap is that's being shown in its place...
Awww. Not so much with sv fen anymore then?
I loved the first three seasons. I don't know what TIIC were smoking thinking this year. Even the basic story-telling structure has been gutted to remove anything resembling drama or suspense. Characters are unrecognizable, and the main thrust of the show, the maturing of the man who will be Superman, seems to have been entirely back-burnered in favor of the ongoing saga of LANA. It's utterly ridiculous now, not merely cheesy and fun the way it used to be.