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Smallville fen. We're fans of the WB's Smallville, but a lot of us fell in love with the characters before they hit prime time in the third millenium. From the Superman comics starting in the 1930s to the tv shows and movies later on in the century, we have watched the mythos develop and be rewritten. The latest version is Smallville, starring Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Michael Rosenbaum as the young Lex Luthor, and Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang.

We watch the show, we squee or complain about it on our LJs, we write fiction and manipulate pictures and create communities about Smallville because we love our show. That's what this community is about: the people who love Smallville and put their work out there, be it writing or art or simply squeeing.

Anyone is welcome to join or post here, under one condition: that it is positive. If there is negativity it should be constructive. What kind of content should be in the posts? Talking about the individual episodes, recommending fiction (because you like it, not because someone is your friend). The moderator will occasionally post entries that will have the purpose of 'love threads' in the comments, kind of an anti-hate thread. This community was created in response to dislike of hate threads and meanless bashing of people, so it's only right that we have love threads.

This community is open to fans of het, slash, and gen. What does that mean? There will be people here who recommend or create works of heterosexual pairings, some will submit works or recommendations of same-sex pairings, and others will not be about romantic and/or sexual pairings at all. If adult material is posted, readers and/or viewers should avoid R or NC-17 rated items if they are under 18.

Any questions? Leave a comment, or email edgecity@livejournal.com.

Finally, this community is intended to be a hub for the variety of Smallville websites and communities from around the internet. If you have a website you would like to have listed here, please submit a link, contact information, and a brief summary of the website (does it have fiction or artworks, recs, transcripts, etc, and is it slash, het, neither, or both?); if you know of a community that should be included here, just provide the name of the LJ community.


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